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Tres chicas locas

“If it’s both terrifying and amazing then you should definitely pursue it” – Erada

Traveling has always been a part of who I am. Adventure runs through my veins. For years I’ve made conscious decisions for me and my daughter; laying down roots in Connecticut. However, a mixture of the right time and a desire to live a simpler more meaningful life has manifested itself. It’s time for us to soar and experience a different culture, learn a new language and write our own futures.

On August 15th I will be moving to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, with my daughter, my mother, and our two dogs- Bling-Bling and Luna. Three generations moving clear across the country to Mexico. It’s hard to imagine, but fun to picture.

San Miguel is a majestic 16th Century City set 6400 feet above sea level in the mountains of central Mexico. I will be working on my fine-art photography as well as some documentary and wedding work. In pursuit of meaningful artistry and inspiration, I chose San Miguel because of the brilliance of color and light, because of the historic architecture, and most of all because of the warmth and infectious spirit of the people I met while I was there. Observing the the cultural traditions that are still carried out to this day after 500 years is both irresistible and insatiable.

I’ve attached some photographs here and a map so you can get an idea of just where our journey will take place. I will, of course, be continuing with my blog to keep you all informed, but really, my camera will do the talking to continue to enlighten and inspire whenever I can.

This is a two year commitment but… who knows? To stay current and to visit all my loved ones I am booking weddings and portraits for next summer in New England.

  • Lexie Berry - I love San Miguel! What an adventure!
    It’s also really great for ex pats. Lots of em there. SO much fun to explore! While you are there (assuming you do after 2 years decide to return) may I suggest a visit to the capital of Michoacan, Morelia. Also to Guanajuato (do the theatrical tour) and there is a small town on a lake called Patzcuaro that I HIGHLY recommend. Have fun crazy girls!

  • Marion Barnes - Coco:

    Melissa posted to me.
    Wow Wow Wow….to keep track of you now will be inspirational! All my love to you now thou I will see you all before you leave.
    Pls install my e address so I hear from you from time to time.

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