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We ventured off the island across the harbor to Kowloon one day and explored. We ventured through the ladies market, the bird market, the goldfish market and the flower market. The ladies market was like some of the shopping we did in Shenzen and in Stanley, aka lots of iPhone cases and fake bags. The bird and goldfish markets were sad and disgusting. Poor poor animals! I couldn’t help but think that there were exotic and extinct animals in back of some of these booths. The parrots were chained to the bars and I watched a few birds get roughly handled by the workers, one being hosed off by a pressure hose before being tossed back into his cage. Needless to say, I couldn’t stay in either of these places for long. It was a culture like none I had ever witnessed and it gives me great perspective and appreciation to the world in which I do live. The scaffolding in and around Hong Kong is Bamboo. Truely amazing site.Some dive diner dishes. Yummmm.Ladies market. Oh I loved this girl (above). And that “elephant”? Yes, you guessed it, male underware.The Bird Market – KowloonAll the parrots were chained to their stands. So sad.A pelican. Cricket meal.Ah, decisions!These wild birds were harrassing the caged birds and eating all their scraps. So unfair. You can see the chain on the pink parrot.

Flower Market

(didn’t browse through this market just walked passed on my way to the Goldfish Market)Goldfish Market

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Here is a post from one incredible day on Hong Kong Island. This first Pano is from Cath’s balcony (Cath from the previous post). Can you imagine waking up to this view everyday? It’s breathtaking. Cath broutht me to Big Wave Bay, which you will see is not ably named, and then to Shek-O, a popular beach destination on the island. Even though Hong Kong Harbour is one of the busiest shipping ports in the world little pollution travels to the south side of the island because of the way the currents move. It’s pretty remarkable to have such a dense and busy city with these special spots so close by (nonetheless on the same small island). Big Wave Bay. Watch out! Boards to rip.Another little beach community, closer to Shek-O than Big Wave.There were three of these little ones, all with pink ribbons all over their bodies.Notice the badass running shoes.My sister’s favorite bar. I think there might be a photo of her on the wall 🙂 I need to send this to them. #BrooklynBeer
I love the colors of the buildings and houses on the south side of the island.
Little tail-less stray cat.I didn’t make a lot of friends here.Shek-O Beach. Possibly my favorite photograph from the day.I believe she got salt water in her eyes.It’s not a forrest fire but a massive grill session at the beachside restaurant. LOVED these guys! Horse-Race!! I bet on 5, my mom on 10. It looks like 5 won…But it didn’t. 🙁 

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    These shots are awsome! You must have had a wonderful trip.

  • Penny Cash - I totally would live in one of those beach towns…am in love with that part of Hong Konk….my favorite part of all you’ve shown….Beautiful pictures, I can feel like I’m there….very far out……love all the colors and textures and people you’ve captured… the peace sign photo!!!!!!!!

Stella is the little girl of my sister’s good friend Cath. Cath was my tour guide two of the days during my trip in China. The first day was not documented and was  our day to Shenzen- the shopping capital. The second day with Cath was spent exploring the beachside community of Shek-o and it’s neighboring village (I can’t remember it’s name). Photographs from my discoveries in those two locations to follow but here is a collage of Stella and Cath. It was nice playing with Stella while I was so far away from my little peanut but I have to say, it did make me miss her a little bit more. Thanks to Cath and Stella for being such stellar tour guides!


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This post is from a few different adventures.


The first is the day we went to the Hong Kong Yacht Club for lunch. There are a few locations the Yacht club has on and around HK island, this one is off the beaten path towards the south-side of the island. The views were gorgeous but boy was it hot! Too bad my baby nephew was still too young to enjoy a dip in the water. Because of the way the currents move the water on the south side of the island is said to be perfectly clean to swim in.

It’s hard to see because of the smog and humidity but there’s a huge amusement park at the top of that peak.To be a construction worker in Hong Kong must be one of the most difficult jobs in the world. Imagine 100 degree (F) weather with about 100% humidity. No thanks! These next few shots are from the city, Kowloon (which is the island across from Hong Kong) and then back to the city. Kowloon is to Hong Kong as Brooklyn is to Manhattan.I know he was thinking, “Damn tourists!” Sorry! But thanks for the great facial expression!

Sorry this has taken so long to post! Most of these photos are of Stanley Market, which is on the south side of the island and is a great spot for shopping! There are a few at the bottom from one of the three amazing hikes Tom, Chopstick and I embarked on. I believe this hike was called “Two Peaks,” but it was so overcast we couldn’t see a thing!

My two favorite seamstresses in all of Asia. They had beautiful things.
I loved all of these gorgeous alley-ways. Stanley is a beach-like community and being there felt like I was on a different island than Hong Kong (I wasn’t).
The children in their uniforms leaving school totally melted my heart. Look at the knee highs!Here’s Chopstick in the Taxi on the way to our hike. Chop gets very car sick but Tom is a pro at spotting when she is about to make a mess of the cab. 

  • Penny Cash - Beautiful part of Hong Kong you captured Beautifully! I love it there, where you were!!!!! I like the tree plant in the clear container filled with water….great idea! Amazing how all these places (all new steel and glass downtown, quaint old beautiful market like places, and the high hills hiking places can all be in the same place….not to mention all the water!