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I am lucky enough to escape to Fishers Island every year to enjoy some family time with my cousin Whitney and her incredible kids, dogs, and parents. It seems like every other year I get to see her rockstar of a husband who will drive the dogs and cargo up and back alone so that the kids don’t endure a 16 hour car ride from Atlanta (or maybe it’s the parents who would endure…)

Our visits are always blessed with great weather (fingers crossed it continues), cute kids (fingers crossed again), being ultra-active, amazing sunsets, time at the beach, great deep glasses of wine and this year the most adorable preppy kids dance at one of the country clubs on the island (see below). As always, thank you Tony, Babs, and Whitney for hosting us! Bennett, Berkley, Izzy, Scout and Tilly – great job modeling!

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I recently collaborated with Nicole Roach of “Make-up by Nicole” to put together a natural and beautiful summer-time farm fashion shoot. Nicole does way more than make-up. She did the hair, styled Charlotte, held my reflector… among many other tedious tasks. Thank you to Nicole, Olivia, Charlotte, and the tempramental horse, Britta.


These images will soon be up on my commerical lifestyle website:

Thank you Rachel Schwarz for assisting me!
Florist: Nicolette Owen of Nicolette Camille Floral Design –
Caterer: Mary-Francis Heck of Bon Appetit.
Tent rental: In-tents Rentals –