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I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Yasmin for a little over a year before this photoshoot. Yasmin’s first little boy, Sean, is my daughter’s boyfriend 🙂 They were 3 when they started going steady, now their almost 5!

Yasmin is one gorgeous lady. Her pregnancy glow was easy to work with, as was the nice climate and gorgeous upstate Connecticut summer colors. I love doing pre-natal photoshoots, it’s such a special time for the woman and family.  Her baby Gavin was born on August 18th, just a few days after this shoot. Welcome to the world Gavin!

Here is a time-lapse I shot recently on the beach in Southport/Fairfield Connecticut at the Country Club of Fairfield. This country club is notorious for it’s spectacular golf course but lets not overlook the amazing view! I suppose one of the reasons the course is popular is for it’s views but for me it’s all about feeling the sand inbetween my toes, drinking a cold-one and watching the sun dip behind Sasco Beach’s bend.

There’s a slight hiccup in this video, which maybe you wouldn’t have noticed if I didn’t say anything. A 4 year old (not mine) decided to touch the weird looking black thing on that stand. He kept on asking, “but WHY are you taking all these photos? Why??” None of my answers cut it, maybe this video will do so in a few years 🙂

I had been asked to show some set-photography from plays or music shows and put together a small compilation of images from recent years hanging at shows and plays.  Here is some work which I shot while working at Suffield Academy from 2008-2011.