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Hong Kong Part III

This post is from a few different adventures.


The first is the day we went to the Hong Kong Yacht Club for lunch. There are a few locations the Yacht club has on and around HK island, this one is off the beaten path towards the south-side of the island. The views were gorgeous but boy was it hot! Too bad my baby nephew was still too young to enjoy a dip in the water. Because of the way the currents move the water on the south side of the island is said to be perfectly clean to swim in.

It’s hard to see because of the smog and humidity but there’s a huge amusement park at the top of that peak.To be a construction worker in Hong Kong must be one of the most difficult jobs in the world. Imagine 100 degree (F) weather with about 100% humidity. No thanks! These next few shots are from the city, Kowloon (which is the island across from Hong Kong) and then back to the city. Kowloon is to Hong Kong as Brooklyn is to Manhattan.I know he was thinking, “Damn tourists!” Sorry! But thanks for the great facial expression!

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