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Hong Kong Part II

Sorry this has taken so long to post! Most of these photos are of Stanley Market, which is on the south side of the island and is a great spot for shopping! There are a few at the bottom from one of the three amazing hikes Tom, Chopstick and I embarked on. I believe this hike was called “Two Peaks,” but it was so overcast we couldn’t see a thing!

My two favorite seamstresses in all of Asia. They had beautiful things.
I loved all of these gorgeous alley-ways. Stanley is a beach-like community and being there felt like I was on a different island than Hong Kong (I wasn’t).
The children in their uniforms leaving school totally melted my heart. Look at the knee highs!Here’s Chopstick in the Taxi on the way to our hike. Chop gets very car sick but Tom is a pro at spotting when she is about to make a mess of the cab. 

  • Penny Cash - Beautiful part of Hong Kong you captured Beautifully! I love it there, where you were!!!!! I like the tree plant in the clear container filled with water….great idea! Amazing how all these places (all new steel and glass downtown, quaint old beautiful market like places, and the high hills hiking places can all be in the same place….not to mention all the water!

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