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Two months ago I was approached by Jose Luis to photograph his wedding to former Miss Mexico winner, Miss Guanajuato 2013 – Giovanna Vazquez Fuentes. Lucky for both parties we booked their date so this May I will be celebrating the union of these two lovebirds! Here are photographs from our wildly successful and fun engagement session shot in San Miguel de Allende and Atotonilco.

Christie and Wiley celebrated their 25th Wedding Anniversary on New by renewing their vows in their temporary and beloved new home, San Miguel de Allende. The “newlyweds” are no strangers to renewing their vows, having done so at the 5 year and 10 year mark. Christie is a wonderful writer, the blog post she did entitled “My Big Fat Mexican Wedding” can be seen here. The celebration included new and old friends- ex-pats, Mexicans and friends from the states celebrated the wonderful love these two share for one another. The couple left no stone unturned and hired a Mariachi Band, classic mexican mojigangas (the large walking puppets) and a tequila donkey. There was traditional Pozole soup and tequila for days! Views of the Parroquia was a perfect way to commence the ceremony and celebrate into the morning — after marching uphill from the town’s center and the Parroquia only an hour prior to the ceremony. This was my first wedding related shoot in San Miguel de Allende. I will be always be grateful to Christie and Wiley for allowing me into their special celebration.

I have been in my new home for a little more than a month. There are days that I love it and days where I struggle but I know it’s all worth it in the end. Isabelle is flourishing both in her Spanish speaking skills and as a more cultured little human-being. We’ve made wonderful friends, some native Mexican, some expats mostly from the US. Everyone’s story is unique but similar– how they got here… why they stayed. It turns out that I am part of the new generation coming through San Miguel, the young professionals. I have met so many families with young kids who are doing this for a year or two, with the possibility of staying longer.

I wake up to church bells and it’s dark. We are pretty far west on the Central time zone so while I’m making breakfast and brewing my french press I look over some buildings and mountains and see a spectacular sunrise. Izzy and I either walk to school with the dogs or take a taxi. The morning bustle is much the same as in the states but every kid you see is in a uniform. Gym tracksuits in every color or the proper uniform which is unique to the school. You see lines at bodegas and food carts of people buying their breakfast and fresh squeezed juices.

I’m trying to find a yoga studio that has the Hot Vinyasa that I like, but the search is rewarding enough. The dogs ordinarily get two long walks a day- Luna is deathly afraid of police officers here with their walkie talkies and bullet proof vests. Bling-Bling has been off leash most of the time, which at 10 years old doesn’t seem to be a problem. They both melt hearts and I often hear “las perras bonita” as I walk them

I am still trying to find a long-term rental but might go into a larger place until December when I my mom will be down here. Here are some photos I took in the last few days, the first being from Mexico’s Independence day, which was the 16th (celebration on the 15th). Mexicans love their fireworks, Luna and Bling… not so much.

If you follow me on social media you’ve seen the street dog my friend and I took in. Dulce has been off the street now for one week and doing very well. She’s gained a good five pounds and has so much energy she’s acting like a puppy (she’s thought to be about 2). See her story here. Even though I’m not keeping this one it begs the question, how many dogs do you think I’ll have in 2 years?

Hasta Luego!